Red Bull blast ‘not serious competitor’ Mercedes following Hamilton and Wolff jibes

Jamie Woodhouse
Red Bul driver Sergio Perez battles with Mercedes' Lewis Hamilton at the Austrian Grand Prix. Spielberg, July 2023. Track limits

Red Bull's Sergio Perez battles with Mercedes' Lewis Hamilton at the Austrian Grand Prix. Spielberg, July 2023.

Helmut Marko says Red Bull will not be rattled by the “stories” being generated by Mercedes, who currently are not a “serious competitor” to them.

While Red Bull and Max Verstappen have been re-writing the Formula 1 history books in 2023, such is their level of dominance respectively, one team which has had quite a bit to say on the matter is former title rivals Mercedes.

With Verstappen having now won a record 10 grands prix in a row, Lewis Hamilton – despite praising the Dutchman and his team – recently suggested that Verstappen has not faced the calibre of team-mates he has, while Mercedes boss Toto Wolff dismissed Verstappen’s achievement as something to look good on “Wikipedia” which nobody will read.

Helmut Marko claims Red Bull and Mercedes mentality difference

Red Bull and Verstappen are the benchmark that Mercedes are aiming for, however, as they look to return to the title conversation which they have been absent from since 2021.

But while they are not on the scene, Marko says Red Bull have no reason to concern themselves with the eight-time Constructors’ champions.

“This is the difference [between Mercedes and Red Bull],” Marko

“我们看看我们团队获得最佳性能ut of our own team, and we don’t worry about Mercedes as long as they are not a serious competitor for us.

“We just look at our own stuff. We do our best and we don’t make up all these kinds of stories like they are doing.” recommends

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Mercedes could play an unwanted role in Red Bull securing the 2023 Constructors’ Championship title at the upcoming Singapore Grand Prix.

Should Red Bull finish the Singapore GP one-two, as they did last time out at Monza, then Mercedes failing to score any points in Singapore would see Red Bull crowned champions by virtue of the countback rule.

While Mercedes in theory could still equal Red Bull’s points tally for the season in such a scenario, the rule means Red Bull would still win the title due to their superior race results record for the F1 2023 campaign, having won all 14 grands prix so far.

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