Revealed: Lewis Hamilton puts timeframe on possible remainder of F1 career

Henry Valantine
Lewis Hamilton waves to the crowd. Silverstone July 2023.

Lewis Hamilton has said he feels like he has “another five years” in him in Formula 1, when asked how long he intends to remain in the sport.

The Mercedes driver is currently locked in talks with his team over extending his stay with the Brackley-based outfit, with whom he has won six of his seven World Championships since joining in 2013.

The 38-year-old has been open about his intentions of staying with Mercedes beyond the end of the year, and has now predicted he feels like he could carry on racing in Formula 1 into his 40s, with the current shape he is in.

Lewis Hamilton: ‘I’ve got more dedication than when I started in F1’

Hamilton explained that the amount of work required to stay in peak physical condition means that he now has to push harder in training to stay on top of his game.

On top of that, after his first ever season without a win in Formula 1 last year, he reiterated that he is “hungry” to get back on top of the pile.

Speaking onThe F1 Showin front of a packed Silverstone grandstand on Sky Sports, Hamilton was asked how he keeps up the same level of dedication year on year after the career he’s had, to which he responded: “No, you’re wrong. I’ve got more dedication than I had back then.

“I think naturally when you’re young, when you’re in your early 20s it comes a lot easier as you can rely more on your natural ability and it’s easier to be fit.

“I have to train harder now, I work harder with my engineers. I’m more dedicated than I’ve ever been and I’m hungry. Yeah, I want to get back up there.”

When asked directly about how much longer he sees himself driving in Formula 1 beyond the end of this year, Hamilton said: “I’m hoping to be a lot longer. I feel like I’ve got another five years in me at least – let’s see.”

The obvious question about his contract was then raised, specifically about when he would put pen to paper on extending his deal with Mercedes. recommends

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“I don’t have the pen at the moment,” Hamilton said with a smile.

“But I mean, we’re close. I have 100% faith in this team and we’re going to get there.

“We have a lot to do not only on the track, but off the track. We’re doing a lot of work with really trying to improve the pipeline, make the team and the sport more diverse.

“We have so many great things creatively that we’re doing as well together, plus the most important thing is we want to win, so we’ve got to get back there and get the Brits up on top.”

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