Hamilton v Verstappen: Guenther Steiner gives instant answer when asked to choose between rivals

Michelle Foster

If Guenther Steiner could choose between Lewis Hamilton and Max Verstappen as his next Haas driver, the team boss says he’s go with “lucky” Max.

Steiner sat down with Sky Sports’ Joe Thomlinson for a round of ‘Guenther Steiner meme challenge’ with the 58-year-old given a board of iconic memes to choose from in his response to various questions.

One of those included weighing in on the debate of Hamilton versus Verstappen with Steiner immediately pointing to the Drake meme.

Guenther Steiner: Max!

He explained: “It came automatically to me, when people compare. Don’t speak to me, yeah, you know why.”

The why is quite simply because the Italian rates Verstappen above Hamilton.

Put on the spot to pick one as his next Haas driver, the Italian said a resounding: “Max.

“He’s just on a roll at the moment, he cannot do anything wrong in my opinion. Everything that he does sticks, so you want to go with the guy who’s got the luck attached to him.

“And he’s got the talent, not only luck, he’s got a lot of talent.”

The Haas team boss also weighed in on his team’s chances of securing a maiden podium this season with Haas yet to feature in the top three in 153 grands prix.

“Expecting?” he said. “Maybe not but we’re always hoping and working hard and if the opportunity arise we must be ready to take it like we took the opportunity last year in Brazil for the pole position.”

Haas, though, haven’t been helped in their quest by engine supplier Ferrari who’s most recent engine failure came at the Austrian Grand Prix.

Asked for his reaction to those failures, he said: “I get angry. I’m not crying, I’m looking for someone from our engine supplier to choke him.

“I know who to blame, but how I’m going to treat him…”

Thomlinson chipped in laughing: “How are you going to kill him?”


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As for the more light-hearted quips, Toto Wolff and his headset throwing antics were brought up with Steiner saying: “I feel so sorry for him because his headset is broken, he has to buy a new one.

“Normally it’s when he’s on camera.”

Pressed on that and whether the Mercedes team boss plays to the cameras, Steiner added: “I don’t know but I was just told what you see on Drive to Survive from last year. I was there, I made my comments.

“That’s it otherwise Toto gets upset with me.”

He also shared his thoughts on Martin Brundle’s “invasive” track walk interviews.

“Martin is a character within himself, it’s always good to poke him a little bit because he’s already a bit invasive, I would call him, so you need to be a little bit ‘no, not again Martin’ even if I don’t mind to do it,” he said.

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