F1 2023 predictions revisited: A De Vries howler and Red Bull shenanigans needed

Max Verstappen and Nyck de Vries on F1 press conference duty

With F1 deep in its summer slumber, it’s time to revisit our F1 2023 season predictions and all laugh at each other.

On the last day of February, which feels like a million years ago, we published our season predictions – ranging from the World Champions all the way through to some bolder picks from our panel of seven.

Let’s get straight into it, shall we?

Who will be Drivers’ World Champion? (1 point)

Mark Scott:Max Verstappen

Michelle Foster:Max Verstappen

Henry Valantine:Max Verstappen

山姆·库珀:Max Verstappen

Oliver Harden:Max Verstappen

Jamie Woodhouse:Max Verstappen

Thomas Maher:Max Verstappen

Verdict so far: Behold our collective genius. Our brave, bold prediction looks to have secured everyone at least one point in this year’s predictions competition. Phew.

Who will be Constructors’ World Champion? (1 point)

Mark:Red Bull


Henry:Red Bull

Sam:Red Bull

Oliver:Red Bull

Jamie:Red Bull


Verdict so far: Oh boy, here we go. Poor Michelle and Thomas hopped aboard the Ferrari hype train and both really should know better than to do that. The carriages have already arrived at their final destination of Shattered Dreams Parkway.

Who will finish with the wooden spoon in the Constructors’ Championship? (1 point)








Verdict so far: It’s a close-run battle down in F1’s basement with four teams separated by just eight points. No doubt Sam and Jamie will be practicing their best Jeremy Clarkson smug faces with AlphaTauri currently bottom of the pile.

Now for your full 2023 Constructors’ pecking order from first to last… (1 point for each correct place)

Mark:Red Bull, Mercedes, Ferrari, Aston Martin, Alpine, McLaren, Alfa Romeo, AlphaTauri, Haas, Williams.

Michelle:Ferrari, Red Bull, Mercedes, Aston Martin, Alpine, Alfa Romeo, McLaren, AlphaTauri, Haas, Williams.

Henry:Red Bull, Ferrari, Mercedes, Aston Martin, Alpine, McLaren, Alfa Romeo, Haas, AlphaTauri, Williams.

Sam:Red Bull, Mercedes, Ferrari, Alpine, Aston Martin, Alfa Romeo, McLaren, Haas, Williams, AlphaTauri.

Oliver:Red Bull, Mercedes, Ferrari, Aston Martin, Alpine, McLaren, Alfa Romeo, Haas, AlphaTauri, Williams.

Jamie:Red Bull, Mercedes, Ferrari, Aston Martin, Alpine, McLaren, Haas, Alfa Romeo, Williams, AlphaTauri.

Thomas:Ferrari, Red Bull, Mercedes, Alpine, Aston Martin, Alfa Romeo, Haas, McLaren, AlphaTauri, Williams.

Verdict so far: There could be a lot of points dished out in this section, with the creator of this question already feeling a headache coming along to ensure everyone gets their total scores updated correctly. McLaren’s sudden surge could start making us all look a little silly if they break into the top four – but there is still a long way to go before that potentially happens.

Onto some of the big driver battles…who will score more points: Hamilton or Russell? (1 point)








结论:路易斯Hamilton currently has a 49-point lead over George Russell in the F1 2023 standings, with the latter struggling to extract performance from the W14 (although it doesn’t have that much to extract anyway). He’s got some work to do if Oliver is going to steal a point away from everyone else.

Leclerc or Sainz? (1 point)








Verdict so far: Leclerc is winning this particular battle so far, but there are only seven points in it! The solitary member of Carlos Sainz Fan Club has a decent chance of pinching a point here.

Norris or Piastri? (1 point)








Verdict so far: Lando Norris is currently rewarding the full faith shown in him by the PF1 team as he holds a 35-point lead over his team-mate Piastri. That gap could be a lot closer come the end of the season, though, if Piastri continues on his current rate of progression. This will be an even tougher question next year.

Ocon or Gasly? (1 point)








Verdict so far: Another close battle with just 13 points in it between the two Frenchmen (Ocon leads). This is a driver battle which could still go either way.

And your one word answers for the rest of the driver battles at Red Bull, Alfa Romeo, Aston Martin, Haas, AlphaTauri and Williams (1 point each)

Mark:Verstappen, Bottas, Alonso, Hulkenberg, De Vries, Albon.

Michelle:Max, Bottas, Alonso, Magnussen, De Vries, Albon.

Henry:Verstappen, Bottas, Alonso, Magnussen, De Vries, Albon.

Sam:Verstappen, Bottas, Alonso, Magnussen, Tsunoda, Albon.

Oliver:Verstappen, Bottas, Alonso, Hulkenberg, De Vries, Albon.

Jamie:Verstappen, Bottas, Alonso, Hulkenberg, De Vries, Albon.

Thomas:Verstappen, Bottas, Alonso, Hulkenberg, De Vries, Albon.

Verdict so far: There is only one thing to draw attention to here and that is Nyck de Vries has burnt a lot of fingers – apart from Sam’s. He likes to remind the rest of us of this quite often. Thanks Sam.

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Predict a driver move ahead of the 2024 season (3 points)

Mark:Mick Schumacher to Sauber/Alfa Romeo/Audi.

Michelle:Norris to Red Bull

Henry:Mick Schumacher to Williams

Sam:Perez and Norris swap deal

Oliver:Leclerc to Mercedes

Jamie:De Vries to Red Bull

Thomas:Perez and Norris swap deal.

Verdict so far: Oh Jamie, you sweet, precious angel. The rest of us are all here for emotional support to help you through this difficult time. Elsewhere, there were a few predicting some Perez-related shenanigans at Red Bull which could still materialise if the second half of the season proves to be a disaster for him.

And finally…what’s your bold prediction for the 2023 season? (5 points)

Mark:Fernando Alonso will finish on the podium at least six times and at least one of those will be a race win.

Michelle:Alpine will beat Aston Martin.

Henry:12 drivers will get a podium this season.

Sam:Jamie Chadwick to take part in an FP1 session.

Oliver:Lance Stroll to leave

Jamie:Max Verstappen finishes on the podium at all 22 rounds

Thomas:Fernando Alonso will get a race win

Verdict so far: As Mark curses himself for not sticking to just six podium finishes for Fernando Alonso, Jamie breathes a sigh of relief with his Max Verstappen podium prediction looking very strong. Meanwhile, Alpine are not in Michelle’s good books and Henry is eight drivers in to his prediction. Looking promising.

Sam’s daily emails to Williams are clearly going unread, Oliver continues to live in hope rather than expectation and Thomas (and Mark) will be hoping a track like Singapore could give Alonso a chance to make them both look rather smart.

Now we play the waiting game…

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