Fans who want FIA to punish Red Bull have ‘no idea’ about F1

Sam Cooper
Christian Horner with the FIA logo.

F1 analyst Peter Windsor has said any fans calling out for the FIA to alter rules to hurt Red Bull have “no idea” what F1 is about.

红牛的主导地位的运动仍在继续,如此me portions of the fan base have called for the FIA to implement rule changes that will stop Christian Horner’s team in its tracks.

It would not be the first time the FIA has stepped in with Mercedes previously being targeted for rule changes during their dominance but one man who would not be a fan of such measures is long-time F1 pundit Peter Windsor.

Speaking on his YouTube live stream, Windsor said that fans calling out for the FIA to make changes have “no idea” about Formula 1.

“If people are angry that the FIA are doing nothing about it, then they completely have no idea what Formula 1 is all about,” he said. “It’s about trying to win every grand prix and every championship and to produce the best car and if a team has done that, you don’t expect the governing body to then change all the rules so they don’t win. But if you do, you shouldn’t be watching Formula 1.”

Windsor also suggested that constantly changing the rules would have a negative effect on prospective teams with the likes of Audi coming into the sport as well as interest from General Motors.

“If you’re trying to encourage the big manufacturers to come into Formula 1 in the way that [F1 owners] Liberty [Media] are, you don’t want to show that you’re going to change the rules every five minutes according to who’s winning races. Why would you do that any more than you’d want to give them standard gearbox all of a sudden?”

Windsor also gave his verdict on Red Bull’s cost cap break and said it was not enough of a breach to have significant impact on this season. recommends

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“Well, they didn’t breach it enough to have completely and utterly come up with a totally new design that blew everybody else away,” he said. “That was nothing to do with the cost cap. They did actually breach it, they were penalised for it.

“反正不是成本上限的粉丝,和掩饰ving that many teams find ways around the cost cut legally, then it doesn’t mean much to me really. If you really were on the witch hunt for Red Bull you could say ‘oh, yeah, the reason they’re able to produce such a good car for ’23 is because the ’22 car was the cheating car and they didn’t have to do anything to it.

“But there were new regulations for ’23, significant regulation changes, and they did a really good job. They took weight out of the car and they focused on what they could do well on a relatively limited budget for the first time. I don’t think any other team could have done that.”