Revealed: Why billion-dollar investor firms chose Alpine for huge investment

Sam Cooper
Alpine's Pierre Gasly on track at the Azerbaijan Grand Prix. Baku, April 2023.

The co-founder of Otro Capital has detailed why his company and others chose Alpine to invest £171m in.

Alpine took a step forward in their plans for the future on Monday when the French outfit announced an investment from a consortium of American investors.

While the inclusion of Hollywood actors turned football club owners Ryan Reynolds and Rob McElhenney as investors made the headlines, for Alpine it was the significant investment in the team that will help in their journey to move up the grid.


With the £171m investment, Alpine reached a value of £700m and the money comes from a trio of Otro Capital, RedBird Capital Partners and Maximum Effort Investments.

Otro Capital is an American investment firm that has previously taken an interest in sport through the NFL, basketball, hockey and cricket. The company is partners with the Dallas Cowboys NFL team as well as the New York Yankees in the MLB. Their cricket efforts have been focused on the popular Indian market.

RedBird meanwhile is also an American investment firm with $7.5 billion of equity focused on markets in sports, technology, media, and telecom, consumer and financial services.

It is with Maximum Effort Investments that the two Hollywood stars are involved which is Reynolds’ firm and whose company description reads: “Maximum Effort makes movies, tv series, content, ads, and cocktails for the personal amusement of Hollywood Star Ryan Reynolds.”

They have been involved in plenty of Reynolds’ previous projects including Wrexham, Deadpool and Aviation Gin. Reynolds along with McElhenney purchased Wrexham for £2 million ($2.5 million) in 2021.


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Why did Otro Capital and others pick Alpine?

While neither of the Hollywood stars were at the presentation at Alpine’s F1 base in Enstone, Otro Capital’s co-founder Alec Scheiner was and put some detail into why investors chose Alpine to get involved with.

“We’ve invested across various countries in the world across almost every single sport,” Scheiner said.

“We’ve partnered with the Dallas Cowboys, New York Yankees, the NFL, the NFL Players Association. We’ve invested in football, invested in basketball, hockey and cricket in India.

“So for us when we look at sports and investing, we look at three things.

“第一是他们宝贵的知识公关operty? Number two, can we provide value to the investment we bring? And number three, do we have like-minded partners?

“We think about those things and Alpine checks every single box.

“So it starts with the partners for us and it starts with [Alpine CEO] Laurent Rossi and [Renault CEO] Luca de Meo.

“They came to us which is how we like to start these partnerships because it shows that there’s a strategic value that we can bring and so that like-minded partnership is the most important thing. We have to start with people who believe in what we believe in.”