The exciting junior talent with comparisons to Verstappen, Hamilton and Leclerc

Sam Cooper
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An F1 pundit has picked out Frederik Vesti for having the same short corner ability as Max Verstappen and Lewis Hamilton.

There is always great attention paid to who could be the next Formula 2 talent to break onto the F1 scene with McLaren’s Oscar Piastri the most recent graduate.

当然,thoughts go to the future and the drivers competing in this F2 season will be hoping they follow in Piastri’s footsteps and find themselves a spot on the grid.

Prema Racing’s Vesti has been picked out for particular praise by F1 pundit Petee Windsor who believes he shares a trait with Verstappen, Hamilton and Charles Leclerc.

“I would say definitely Frederik Vesti,” Windsor said when asked on a YouTube live stream which current F2 driver had the short corner ability of Verstappen, Hamilton and Leclerc. “I noticed that when he was in Formula 3 and he’s always had that talent.

“If you look at just in recent races, even in the wet sprint race in Barcelona, you could see anywhere on the track when he was behind other cars, how short his corners were.

“That’s the reason he’s good.”

Vesti is signed up the Mercedes junior driver programme and will be hoping to emulate the career path of George Russell, who was also a Mercedes junior before graduating to the main team from Williams.

It was not just Vesti who was singled out for praise but also a Red Bull junior driver in the form of Ayumu Iwasa.

“I think Iwasa naturally has quite short corners too,” Windsor said. “I’m quite impressed with Iwasa.

“He’s very good in a number of ways. He’s balanced, his car always looks nice and sort of square to the road. I rate him very highly.


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“And I think Theo Pourchaire, he’s certainly not a Carlos Sainz-type driver, he is more George Russell.

“His short corners are shorter than Lando [Norris’] but he’s not in the Lewis category or the Max category but Theo’s verging towards that. So I think he’s another guy that I think’s got a lot of talent actually and he’s very good.

“But Vesti is the guy that springs to mind most and he’s definitely under the radar when people talk about talent. But to me, that’s because he does drive in that very unobtrusive, early corner, short corner way and you don’t really notice how quick he is until you see the stopwatch.”