The one F1 line-up ‘more menacing’ than Max Verstappen and Red Bull

Thomas Maher
Monza: Max Verstappen drives his Red Bull through Ascari corner at the Italian Grand Prix.

Having Max Verstappen come up behind you in a Red Bull would make most modern drivers quake in their boots, but there’s still one combo more terrifying…

Due to the extent of their domination, some driver/team combinations become synonymous with their ability to slice past their rivals while on-track, with some managing to build auras of being unstoppable as a result.

In 2023, that combination is Max Verstappen in his Red Bull, with the rest of the field proving powerless to stop him from romping to win after win in what has become a record-breaking campaign en route to another world title.

One driver remains ‘most menacing’ despite Max Verstappen domination

In the past, other drivers to enjoy a similar level of relentness included Michael Schumacher in his Ferrari days, as well as Lewis Hamilton in his Mercedes.

But, as impressive as they were in their periods of domination in F1, one respected F1 journalist and pundit believes one historical combination still remains F1’s most fearsome.

Former Williams and Ferrari team manager Peter Windsor weighed in on the topicon his own YouTube channelrecently, when he was asked to name his most menacing driver/team combination.

“Most menacing?” he pondered, in response.

“Well, I think I’d be most menaced by Ayrton Senna in a dayglo McLaren because you wouldn’t know what he was going to do next.”


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Explaining his logic, Windsor said: “If you think about what he did to [Alain] Prost a couple of times at Suzuka, once at the chicane and once at Turn 1, what he did to Nigel [Mansell] a few times, Spa brake testing, what he did to [Martin] Brundle a number of times in Formula 3… You’d be thinking Ayrton Senna.”

停下来考虑der more contemporary combinations, Windsor explained that Schumacher was the other driver whom he would have feared – more so than Hamilton or Verstappen.

“Let me think it through… it’s quite impressive, Lewis in the all-black Mercedes,” he said.

“I wouldn’t be worried about what Lewis would do in traffic, if we were alongside, racing, I’d know he’d be pretty fair.

“Senna, I would be worried about and Michael, I’d be worried about. Verstappen, I wouldn’t be worried about Verstappen, but if it was 2023 and I wasn’t in a Red Bull, I’d be just waving him past and not worrying about him at all!”

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