F1团队飞跃defence of Cara Delevingne after blanking Martin Brundle

Jamie Woodhouse
马丁Brundleand Cara Delevingne split image.

Alfa Romeo declared “respect goes both ways” in response to the awkward moment between model Cara Delevingne and Martin Brundle on the British GP grid.

As is often the case ahead of a Formula 1 grands prix, the Silverstone grid was bustling with team personnel and celebrity figures.

And it was during Brundle’s regular ‘grid walk’ segment for Sky F1 pre-race that he tried to grab a word with Delevingne, an endeavour that did not go very well.

CaraDelevingne subs Martin Brundle

As Brundle attempted to speak to Delevingne, he was warned off by a member of the Alfa Romeo team, Brundle responding: “She doesn’t want to talk, but everybody needs to talk on the grid. That’s the deal now, everybody talks on the grid.”

Delevingne would confirm on social media after the race that she was told by an “F1 representative” not to speak to Brundle, having been seen glancing towards the Alfa Romeo team member when Brundle approached, and that is indeed the advice which she stuck to.


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Delevingne was there as a guest of the Alfa Romeo team who later posted a video on social media with a montage of her activities with them, which included climbing into the cockpit of their C43 challenger and meeting one-half of their driver line-up Zhou Guanyu.

Unsurprisingly, that Brundle incident did not make the cut, though it was brought up by one Twitter user in the comments, who said: “It’s a shame that she was so rude to Martin Brundle.”

The team would respond to that comment in defence of Delevingne who was unfairly “placed in an uncomfortable position” from their point of view.

“Respect goes both ways: nobody should be placed in an uncomfortable situation or forced to do things against their will,” the team stated.

On the track it was a tough race weekend for the Alfa Romeo team, who saw Valtteri Bottas disqualified from the qualifying results after the stewards could not extract the mandatory one-litre fuel sample from his C43 afterwards.

Bottas went on to finish the race P12 with Zhou P15, Alfa Romeo having now fallen to P9 in theConstructors’ Championship.

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