Massa: Williams’ 2018 car ‘a lot more aggressive’


Felipe Massa is hopeful that Williams can improve this season after they adopted an "aggressive" and "quite interesting" approach with their 2018 challenger.

Williams didn't have the best campaign last year as they finished a distant fifth in the standings, more than 100 points behind fourth-placed Force India.

However, they are confident of taking a step forward this year as the design of the 2018 car is the first that has been overseen by technical boss Paddy Lowe.

Massa, who retired at the end of last season, says the 2018 entrant is quite different from the FW40.

"I saw the new car in the windtunnel and I saw so many changes that it looks quite interesting," he told Autosport.

"Everybody is working. Maybe you get to the first race and everybody has so many different changes and everything in the car.

"The car looks a lot more aggressive. It looks a lot more different so I believe maybe they can improve."

Massa, though, warns that Williams will not have it easy to move up the standings this year as the midfield battle will be a lot tighter as their rivals will also upped their game.

"You will have Renault that will improve," the Brazilian said.

"You will also have McLaren so we need to see how much it can be this improvement.

"I need to see also what the drivers can do but I believe maybe the team can have a better car compared to what we had until now."