Massa in no rush to join Formula E


Felipe Massa is willing to bide his time over a move to Formula E as he would like to throw himself straight into a title challenge.

The Brazilian is exploring new ventures after retiring from Formula 1 at the second attempt following the conclusion of the 2017 season.

Massa has already gone back to karting and will take part in the opening race of the Brazilian Stock Car Championship in the coming months, but Formula E remains a longer-term project.

"For sure I'm trying to understand what is going to be the situation in this moment and I don't know yet," Massa said.

"I don't think I will race in Formula E [this season] because it's just starting now and most of the teams have their drivers.

"I want to race in the championship where I believe I can be on top, fighting for the races, for the victories and where I can be fighting for the championship, so I will prepare myself to find the right car, the right team and to start well in the season.

"So it [a move into Formula E] will not be straight away, it will be some preparation for the next championship and then for sure I have ideas of what to do in the meantime, coming to some races doing some events, maybe doing a few races in terms of working in television or something like that."

However, Massa has not completely ruled out taking part in the some Formula E races this season, should the opportunity arise.

He added: "If I had an opportunity to do a few races in the right way then ok but I don't know if I would have the opportunity.

"So, the championship is starting and for sure I'm not interested to take the seat of a driver just to be there. I think I need the championship and myself in the right way."