Ryan Reynolds net worth: How does Alpine investor’s fortune compare to F1 2023 grid?

Ryan Reynolds with Paul Rudd.

F1’s newest investor Ryan Reynolds would be the richest man on the grid but crucially not in the paddock as we examine the Hollywood star’s wealth.

Formula 1 is an expensive business these days with a $200 million buy-in required to even get you anywhere near the grid but purchasing an existing outfit is a whole different story.

While we are unlikely to know the value of the biggest teams such as Mercedes, Red Bull and Ferrari, we have been given a glimpse of what a midfield runner such as Alpine costs with a recent valuation putting them in the region of £700m.

They have just added £171m to their bank balance with a number of new investors including one Ryan Reynolds.

The Deadpool star is certainly not short of a few quid but how does he stack up against the drivers? Well the answer is very well.

Reynolds’ net worth has been estimated to be £275m which even puts him ahead of Lewis Hamilton.

The Mercedes man has a reported worth of £270.9m while Fernando Alonso is next on the list at £216m.

Then there is quite the drop down with reigning World Champion Max Verstappen valued at £72m. The lowest in the top 10 is Alpine man Esteban Ocon who has amassed a fortune of £14.9m despite coming from a humble background.

But should Reynolds ever visit the F1 paddock, he would not be the richest man there as some of the wealth in there is next level.


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Mercedes CEO and team principal Toto Wolff recently crossed the billion dollar mark but he still has some catching up to do if he is to reach Aston Martin owner Lawrence Stroll whose value is £2.91m ($3.7bn).

The money goes up another level when you come to McLaren who are primarily owned by the Bahrain royal family. They own 56.3% of the McLaren Group through their public investment fund Mumtalakat and they hold assets amounting to $18bn.

Reynolds’ Wrexham partner Rob McElhenney is valued at £39m ($50m) and the two bought the Welsh football club for £2 million ($2.5 million) in 2021.