Romain Grosjean branded ‘a piece of crap’ and ‘needs a punch in the face’ after IndyCar incident

Sam Cooper
Romain Grosjean wearing sunglasses. Texas, March 2022.

Andretti Autosport's Romain Grosjean looks to his side whilst wearing sunglasses at the Texas Motor Speedway. Texas, March 2022.

Will Power said Romain Grosjean was “a piece of crap” after the two very nearly came together during an IndyCar practice session.

The drivers were practicing for this weekend’s race in Wisconsin when Power was approaching the former Haas F1 driver in front.

With Grosjean covering the right, he made his move to block off Power but then appeared to do a double move and shift back to the right as Power looked to pass him.

The Team Penske driver slammed on the brakes to avoid the Frenchman and only Grosjean will know if it was intentional or not as they travelled through a part of the circuit at 160mph.

“Romain Grosjean is a piece of crap,” Power told NBC after the session. “If you saw what he did in practice, he needs a punch in the face.”

It was not the first time Power threatened to resort to violence having also come to blows with Scott Dixon also in the same practice session.

Grosjean was again involved, this time in an innocent bystander capacity, as he passed Dixon who had spun on the exit of Canada Corner. He let the Andretti Autosport driver by but after he did so, he appeared to be unaware that Power was following closely behind and Power could do nothing but crash into him.

It sent both drivers out of the session and Power marched over to Dixon and shoved him a couple of times as marshals pulled him away.

The Penske team did manage to fix the car in time for qualifying but Power missed out on advancing to the fast six. recommends

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“I’m just pissed, what Dixon did this morning just ruined our whole weekend and just a terrible move all up,” Power said.

“The guys [Penske mechanics] did a great job. Unfortunately we had a screwdriver in there so it took a while to get it going, but everyone did a fantastic job.

“我们得到了,我做了一切我可以管理. It’s just so hard in this field if you’re behind the eight ball and you’re not sure with this new front wing, new floor, you don’t know where the aero balance will be.

“[It is] frustrating because I felt like we were really quick this morning but just disappointed with what happened.”