Exclusive: Pierre Gasly clarifies Alpine team principal situation as search continues

Sam Cooper
Alpine's Pierre Gasly with Bruno Famin

Pierre Gasly has confirmed Bruno Famin will remain in the team principal role for the rest of the season as the search for Otmar Szafnauer’s successor continues.

After just eight months at Alpine, Gasly has already worked under the same number of team bosses as he did at Red Bull and AlphaTauri and that figure will go to three in the near future.

With Szafnauer relieved of his duties, unable to agree on a timeline for the team’s recovery, Alpine are searching for their next candidate to take the hot seat.

Gasly confirms Bruno Famin in charge for the rest of 2023

The team principal role for the short term at least will be filled by Famin who started the year as executive director of Renault’s engine.

motorsp的法国人将把他的新角色ort vice president with team principal duties as the Enstone outfit continue their search.

As for the next candidate, Gasly has revealed he is a part of the discussions as to potential candidates but declined to state what he looks for in a team principal.

“This is stuff which we’ll discuss internally,” he exclusively told PlanetF1.com. “But Bruno is in charge at the moment and he’s going to be in charge until the end of the year.

“I think it’s important just to work in the best way possible. We all have a common goal. We all want to put Alpine right at the top and it takes some time, it takes a lot of work and that’s where the focus will be for the rest of the season.”

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While the season has been a struggle for Alpine thus far, they can at least take solace that teams such as Aston Martin and McLaren have made big strides in relatively short periods of time.

Asked if these jumps were possible because of the regulations, Gasly suggested it was more “case specific” than an overall trend.

“I wish I had the answer but to be fair, I feel it’s very case specific,” the former AlphaTauri driver said. “Aston had a strategy and it seemed to have worked well at the start of the year and they seem to kind of plateaued over the last few race weekends.

“Whereas McLaren started miles behind Aston and are now in a better position until the end of the year so it’s difficult to have a clear answer.

“The only thing is it’s possible and that’s the positive side of looking at it that if they’ve done it I don’t see any reasons why we shouldn’t be able to do it.”

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