Revealed: ‘Big’ Red Bull-style upgrades coming to Singapore – F1 news round-up

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蒙扎:马克斯Verstappen驱使他的红牛Ascari corner at the Italian Grand Prix.

AlphaTauri CEO Peter Bayer spoke exclusively to recently, and he revealed their car will be getting a Red Bull-style upgrade in Singapore as part of today’s F1 news selection.

It’s the beginning of race week and we’re beginning our build-up to the race at Marina Bay, with plenty more to come throughout the week before the action gets going.

Let’s dive into the best of the F1 news from Monday.

Exclusive: AlphaTauri boss reveals Red Bull-style upgrade plans

Speaking in an exclusive interview with our own Thomas Maher, AlphaTauri CEO Peter Bayer confirmed a “big upgrade” is coming for the team in Singapore that will be closer in philosophy to the Red Bull RB19.

Representatives of both teams have already said there will be a closer working relationship between them from next season onwards, and Bayer revealed there are plans afoot to try and lift AlphaTauri from the foot of the Constructors’ standings.

“This year, we’ve seen some amazing changes in the results scheme, when suddenly Aston Martin popped up, and then suddenly McLaren popped up, but I think that’s really down to the fact that they all understood that what Red Bull Racing did in terms of design philosophy is the right one with this new downforce element which everybody is following,” he said.

“We actually have a big upgrade coming for Singapore, which will follow the same philosophy so everybody’s closing in on that and then I think next year will be extremely close.”

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Alex Palou responds to McLaren no-show claims

两届印地车冠军亚历克斯守望已确认he has no intention of showing up for McLaren reserve duties in F1 for the remainder of the season, despite contractual obligations to do so, with a legal wrangle ongoing with the team.

Palou was due to join the Arrow McLaren IndyCar team in 2024 but has since said he has no intention of doing so, and McLaren are starting a court case against the Spaniard as a result.

He had been due in Singapore for McLaren reserve duties, but will not be turning up.

He toldThe Race: “Yeah. First of all, it’s because I can’t, just because of the championship [win] and we’re going to LA now [for prize giving] and then we have some testing for the ’24 car.

“Yeah, the plan’s changed. I’m not going to go to any F1 races.”

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Our exclusive Peter Bayer interview in full

While Bayer confirmed AlphaTauri’s upgrade intentions, it was just a small part of a much larger interview with as the team’s new CEO settles into life at Faenza.

Formerly the FIA secretary general, he is going into a team setting and is looking forward to the challenge of what lies ahead – so click the link below to get to know one of the people who will be spearheading the new era at Red Bull’s junior team.

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An unlikely ask in Felipe Massa’s legal claim for 2008 title

One of Felipe Massa’s lawyers, Bernardo Viana, has called on Lewis Hamilton and asked for his support in their case for the 2008 World Championship, even though their stated aim is to “bring the trophy home” – which in turn would take a first title away from Hamilton.

“He is an important ambassador for the sport and has always defended sporting integrity. He is an honorary Brazilian citizen and very well liked by Brazilians, so I hope he will support us,” Viana toldReuters.

“We have absolutely nothing against Hamilton.”

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Adrian Newey hailed as ‘the greatest ever’ by MP4/4 designer

Steve Nichols, the designer behind the legendary McLaren MP4/4 – the most successful car in F1 history in terms of win percentage – has dubbed Adrian Newey the “greatest ever” designer in the sport’s history.

McLaren’s 1988 challenger is the closest Formula 1 has ever come to an unbeaten car to date, winning 15 of the 16 races in that year, thwarted only by a Ferrari 1-2 at Monza in the days following the death of founder Enzo Ferrari.

The prospect of an unbeaten season with Red Bull is getting ever larger, and Nichols has dubbed Newey a “hero”.

“The way things are going this year, it looks like that may come to pass,” Nichols told Top Gear Magazine about the prospect of an unbeaten season. “Inevitably, it would be a great achievement.

“It’s a large credit to their designer Adrian Newey. He’s been a hero of mine and in my opinion he’s the greatest ever. He’s incredible, isn’t he? Such a long-lived career and so many successes. It’s really quite remarkable.”

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