Daniel Ricciardo reveals what can be found in Adrian Newey’s office

Sam Cooper
Adrian Newey and Daniel Ricciardo. Budapest, July 2014.

Adrian Newey and Daniel Ricciardo. Budapest, July 2014.

Daniel Ricciardo has given an insight as to what is inside F1 design mastermind Adrian Newey’s office.

After five years away, Ricciardo is back in familiar surroundings at Red Bull HQ in Milton Keynes and has been reunited with the man who designed the car that provided the Australian with seven of his eight wins.

Ricciardo的角色有点不同的he had when he left with the 33-year-old operating in a third driver slot in 2023 and as such, he will spend more time at the Milton Keynes base working in the team’s simulator.

Whilst there, he has revealed he has been spending plenty of time in Newey’s office as well as what the design guru has lying about.

“He’s been such a fundamental part of the team,” Ricciardo said. “100 victories so he’s the man. I still go into his office. He has sketches. He’s so old school but he’s ultimate in design and he’s an F1 guru.”

Newey’s office is situated right next door to that of Christian Horner’s with the pair being two of the most senior figures within the team.

Newey was given the nod by Horner to go and join Max Verstappen on the podium in Montreal as the team celebrated their 100th win with every one of those having been orchestrated by Newey.

Ricciardo said it was “fitting” that Newey be on the podium in Canada.

“Any member of the team can go up and Christian will make the call for each race. It’s fitting for Adrian to go up after a race like this.”


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For a man who has been in the sport so long, naturally the question on many people’s minds is just how long he will keep going and despite signing a new contract recently, Newey did admit it was realistic to say there was a “countdown” on his career.

“I’m lucky enough to be doing what I’ve always wanted to do,” he told Sky Sports F1. “I enjoy the job. Of course, my career can’t go on forever.

“As long as the team wants me and I keep enjoying it, I’ll keep going but realistically it’s on a countdown. Exactly when that day is I don’t know.”